Stateline Soccer Fans Cheer On The USA In World Cup

- ROCKFORD - Soccer is a sport for all ages and abilities. “All you need is a ball, and your feet.” Said Alejandra Ortiz, a Stateline soccer player.  Ortiz also says it is a great spectator sport, whether watching in person or on T.V. “You get a real good kick out of it; it is just a lot of fun.”

With the kick off to the world cup, soccer has become a hot topic around the Stateline. “We watch games everyday, 7-days a week.” Said Vicky Zamora, owner of The Rockford Soccer League

Soccer does have a larger following in other countries and has not become as popular in the U.S. as football of other sports. “Soccer just maybe has not hit in the US yet, but in other countries, it is the best sport they have.” Said Ortiz

But there are thousands who love the sport here in the Stateline and many of them play for Rockford’s Soccer League, which has over 90 times just for their children’s league. “Players only there are 2,500 participants, so every Saturday we have between three to four thousand people playing” said Zamora

With the draw between Germany and Ghana, the U.S. is in a position to clinch a trip to the next round. Zamora said she is ready to cheer on the U.S. “We are hoping for the U.S.A but anything can happen with these games, there have already been a lot of surprises this year.”


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