Stateline Storm Leaves Thousands In The Dark

- ROCKFORD - Mother Nature wreaks havoc on the Stateline, while some residents are busying cleaning up a mess after a night of wicked weather. Others are simply rejoicing their power is back on. The Rockford Fire Department and Com Ed both had very busy Saturday nights with calls from a Rockford couple whose home was struck by lightening and others who were without power for hours.

Split trees large branches and destroyed power lines cover the streets of Rockford Sunday afternoon after a Stateline storm with high winds and rain rolled through the area Saturday night.

Thousands of people all around Rockford were with out power until Sunday afternoon. Many of those outages were due to heavy debris, like trees falling on power lines and bending and cracking the lines.  Some residents on the East side say they are used to the power outages that seem to happen every time there's a storm. "Every storm that comes through, we normally have our power out." said 

Com Ed tells Eyewitness News there were around 7,000 residents without power on Saturday night but by 5:00 Sunday they had restored power to most of the area. But the storm caused bigger problems for others.  “I was facing the window where I saw it hit. The sparks just flew all over the room, and I said oh my gosh. It has hit us for sure." said Kay Pang, a Rockford resident whose home was struck with lightning.”

The Pang’s have lived in their Rockford home for over half a century and have sat outside in their sunroom during storms dozens of times. But, they have never seen lightening strike this close before. "It must have struck the glass, and then somehow, the heat transferred to the shades. Then the shades all caught fire." said Dr. Allen Pang.

Burned curtains hang from the ceiling and a melted television set sits in the corner but the Pang’s are just happy they were able to extinguish the fire before it caused more damage. “We managed to put the fire out and called the fire department. It also affected some of our lights, burned up a TV, and the second TV. is not working either and some of the lights are broken too." Said Allen Pang.

Currently Com Ed says they have restored almost 100% of the power outages in Winnebago County.

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