Stateline Storms Leave Crops Healthy And Profitable

- CHERRY VALLEY  - Local farmers admit, crops look good so far thanks to plenty of sunshine and rain, but too much of a good thing could become costly.

Farmer Earl Williams admires his bright Green and flourishing corn field in Cherry Valley. “The crops around here look very good for this time of year. Said Williams.

He says the crops have received just the right amount of rain fall so far this summer, putting his corn at an above average height for this time of year. “This corn is going to be way over my head. Williams is 6’5, so that means the corn is on track for a very profitable yield. 

Williams says his corn is in great shape. “The corn has come along really well in the last few weeks, with all the rain, and warm temperatures.” Said Williams, and those are the prime growing conditions for corn crops, warm days, cool nights, and plenty of moisture. With Stateline storms rolling through the area quite frequently, that has not been a problem. Wednesday’s storms brought in a half and inch of rain.

Although, the seasoned farmer knows that too much rain can lead to stunted growth and erosion. That is the problem for farmers in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Where the corn fields are soaked and covered with standing water. “Prolonged flooding will eventually kill the crop, that’s what’s going on in Iowa and Minnesota.”

Mother Nature has not unleashed any fury on the crops in the Stateline yet, but Williams says you can never be too sure.  “Every year is different, and you never get bored.”

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