Stateline Strong: Belvidere Girl Scout Earns National Medal

Sabrina Rappuhn learned about fire safety with her troop.

BELVIDERE - Around the holidays, fire safety is always a priority. But a six-year-old Belvidere Girl Scout already knows exactly what to do should flames erupt inside the home, And she even has the medal to prove it.   

Pins and badges cover Sabrina Rappuhn's brownie vest from front to back. But her favorite medal is the National Medal of Honor she earned earlier this year.

Mom, Michelle, put a tostada in a toaster. "I thought it would crisp it up," explained Michelle Rappuhn. She then slipped off into the laundry room. That's when the toaster went up in flames.

"I had to yell three times, 'mama!'" exclaimed Sabrina.

"Finally I came out to check on her and she said 'mama, there's a fire,' and I turned around and saw it behind me here and it was a really big fire, like it went up into the cabinets," said Michelle. "It was unusually large."

Sabrina held back her little brother Max who was three at the time, while Michelle tossed the toaster into the sink. The char above where the new toaster sits is still visible.

Michelle is not only a Girl Scout mom, but also helps lead her daughter's troop. She believes the lessons the girls learn in their meetings, prompted Sabrina's quick-thinking.

"Last year we had learned the safety badge or the safety pin and it's all about what to do in a fire, what to do in an emergency," said Michelle. "I think she had a pretty good basis on what to do in emergencies."

That kind of courage doesn't go unnoticed. The CEO of the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois awarded Sabrina with the National Medal of Honor.

"I felt pretty proud of myself," said Sabrina with a smile.

Mom on the other hand felt, "kind of embarrassed because that was my fire," laughed Michelle.

Sabrina wears her pin with pride at every troop meeting It marks the beginning of her Girl Scout adventures that she hopes will also bring more bling.

"I want to get a sash and cover that with everything!" yelled Sabrina.

Just as long as those pins and badges don't come as a result of mom's cooking again.

"Tostadas are not good in the toaster," laughed Michelle.

Michelle said that Girl Scouts are already in need of new troop leaders. For more information, go to or call 844-476-4463.














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