Stateline Strong: Samantha Swinbank Shares 'A Mothers Love' Through Free Sales

Swinbank collects items then gives them away for free, no strings attached.

MACHESNEY PARK - It seems too good to be true; a spray painted sign reading, "free sale" stuck outside of a quiet church in Machesney Park.  But, the piles of clothes filling table after table inside proves that sometimes the best things in life really do come free.

From housewares to children's shoes, Samantha Swinbank is giving it all away to those who need it, and at absolutely no cost.

"I think my husband and my family thought I was crazy, at first," said Swinbank. She started a 'A Mothers Love' a few years ago in her garage after her own mother passed away.

"She took care of everybody. I mean, she'd give you the shirt off her back if she knew you needed it. She hoarded things until somebody needed it and then she would give it to them that way," said Swinbank.

Like mother, like daughter, only Samantha is doing it on a much larger scale. An outpouring of donations forced her out of her garage and into North Park Covenant Church.

Volunteers like Barb Kersey got involved to help Samantha on her mission of giving more.

"I fell in love with it. Just the people's smile when they get stuff and the gratefulness," said Kersey. "It's just a blessing to so many people."

Swinbank says that what sets 'A Mothers Love' apart is that it's free stuff for everyone.

"You don't have to be poor to come in here," explained Swinbank. "If you are hardworking and you don't receive the government assistance, you can come in and you can get clothes."

"I have found several things for my granddaughter," said Mona Garcia as she sifted through the piles of clothes. Garcia shops but also donates back. She says the real beauty behind Swinbank's cause is the message it sends to the Stateline.

"It lifts our spirits. It keeps our hopes up high that we do have a community that stands together," said Garcia.

'A Mothers Love' is in need of a storage unit. Currently, they store all their belongings in Swinbank's and Kersey's garages.

If you'd like more information on the organization, click here.











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