Stateline Technical Rescue Team Comes to Aid of Beloit Couple

Beloit- Debra Kelsey and her husband rushed outside last night to see a home leveled by a gas explosion.


Kelsey says "I went in and got my phone, then Gary knew that somebody was inside so he ran inside to put long pants on and boots in case they needed him to help somebody out."


Next door neighbor Denise Thompson saw the collapse through her window; she heard the woman trapped inside screaming for help.


Thompson says"cause the whole house shook it like it moved me, and I just had no idea. But I looked out the window and the house was gone."


The Stateline Technical Rescue Team was called to get the couple out of the house.


They're a group of twelve firefighter agencies across Illinois and Wisconsin with hundreds of hours training for situations like these.


Captain Scott Fisher of the Stateline Technical Rescue Team says "basically the Stateline Technical Rescue Team, we do rope rescue, confine space rescue, trench rescue, and structural collapse rescue."


And that training came into play during the home explosion. The trained professionals had to act fast, but also with care.


Fisher says "we talk about structural collapse. We really have to be careful and make sure when we're tunneling through the debris that we're not causing any movement or damage to the structure that could cause a secondary collapse."


That crucial training most likely saved the couple's lives.


Fisher says "it was very critical to have the specialize equipment and trained people who were able to get in there and do it safely."


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