Stateline Trucking Companies in Need of Drivers

Rockford- Trucks are parked at R.L Leek’s parking lot with nobody to drive them because the company says they are short-staffed. The owner, Ron Leek, says, “What we are not able to do is take on new business, [of] which there is an abundance of business right now because of the shortage [of drivers].”

The shortage of truck drivers is happening all across the country. Leek says the baby boomers are retiring and young people don’t want to drive trucks, or deal with the job’s tough schedule.

Leek says, “They are gone for five days [at a time] and unlike years ago, today’s people are not real enamored with that idea.”

His company will be at Spirit CDL’s transportation job fair on June 18th looking to hire workers. Spirit CDL’s owner, Ken Bons, says of the fair: “We’re doing it to help the company find drivers, but we’re also doing it to tell the individuals that there are jobs out there if you wanna go work.

Bons says there are some stateliners who want to learn to drive trucks but don’t have the money for classes. Truck driving schools can cost up to $4,000 dollars. He says some companies are starting to pay for drivers' schooling as long as they work for that company afterwards.

Bons adds, “We do have a company that we started called Work America. It’s a new program that we just started working with… that are guaranteeing students jobs and finding financing for them, too.”

The job fair will be held at Spirit CDL, at 1202 Ispen Road in Belvidere, from 11am-4pm Wednesday June 18th. There will be local and non-local trucking companies looking to hire, and you do not need truck driving experience.

R.L Leek is looking to hire. For more information visit their website at or call (815) 398-1060.

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