Stateline Veterans Receive Scuba Diving Lessons

You could see the bubbles forming. Disabled veterans plunging into the water for scuba diving lessons. "I've always wanted to do this. This has been on my bucket list." Says Richard French who is a disabled Navy veteran. It is an opportunity not always given to disabled vets like Richard French. "The services just aren't available at places for recreational outreaches." Says instructor Lisa Deprasquale


Deprasquale spent the day teaching vets the basics of scuba diving. She even surprised some of them when she told them that she is also a disabled vet. "Their expression when they get in the water and realize they're working with another vet who has been where they have been is like awesome." She says.   


Deprasquale has disabilities due to injuries caused by the wear and tear of Navy life. She sees herself as an example to push injured vets that doubt themselves. "If somebody says they can't then I say no let's talk about that because if you kind of get down to it, and we can talk about injuries we can compare disabilities and see what we both can do, and what we are not supposed to do." She says.

She wants to be an example to fellow vets that injuries are not limitations. "I think that you're only as limited as you can be and you can maximize your own strengths and your own capabilities based on how much you are willing to stretch and if you are willing to stretch then there are no boundaries." Says Deprasquale. Officials say they want to give vets the chance to show there are no boundaries.



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