Stateline Youths Say They Don't Need Obamacare

- Rockford-James Patterson works out at the YMCA. The 24 year old doesn’t have insurance, and says he doesn’t need it.

Patterson says “I’m active, but I’m not very active. The way I see it there’s little chance for met o get hurt plus I’m healthy for the most part.”

With the deadline to signup for Obamacare looming, he may have to pay a penalty for not signing up.

Patterson says “I’m not ok with paying that penalty. The way I see it not everybody can actually afford the insurance.”

And there are many Stateliners around Patterson’s age who feel the same way. Charles Gray of the YMCA adds “I’ve heard a couple say that I’m not worried about getting injured because they do feel that it’s going to happen to the other guy, not me.”

That’s why they partnered with the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine to encourage Stateliners to get health insurance.

Gray adds “given the fact that sports injuries are very common, you know it’s important to have insurance. You know because like I said anyone that’s taken part in sports, the likelihood at some point of being injured is certain.”

18 year old Tony Evans has seen many injuries happen on the basketball court. That’s why he is staying healthy. He points to a time where a friend of his tore his meniscus playing basketball at the YMCA.

Patterson says he will take his chances for now, even though his mom wants him to sign up.

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