Stateliners Brace For the Bitter Cold


Rockford- From socks to space heaters, shopping carts was filled with supplies as Stateliners prepare for this week’s dangerously cold temperatures.


Rockford resident Veronica Brown says “any food items that we need, dog items, we want to be sure that everything is ready in case something does happen, so we don’t have to journey out in this stuff. I feel sorry for some of the people that have to.”


The sub zero temperatures could give Stateliners frostbite just from being outside for a couple of minutes. It’s something not even the toughest Midwesterners say they can bear.


Elijah Williams of Rockford says “no one is used to below zero weather. Then we got a lot of homeless people out here. They need to go to warming centers. This is not a place to be outside.”


People around the Stateline are advising those who don’t have to go out in the cold to not. And that includes our furry friends.


Brown says “especially our animals. Please make sure that you bring them in because they freeze just as much as you do.”

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