Stateliners Feel Donald Sterling's Punishment was Fair

- Rockford- Stateliners getting a trim at classic cuts and discussing Los Angeles Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling’s punishment for his racist remarks,

In a recording between Sterling and his mistress that leaked to the internet, he asked her not to associate or bring them to Clippers games. The barber shop’s TV hasn’t turned from the coverage.

Jeremy Hawthorne of Classic Cuts says “as soon as we opened our doors probably the first three clients was right on it talking about it, and asking us how we felt about it mostly.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver fined Sterling 2.5 million dollars, and gave him a lifetime ban. Silver also wants Sterling to sell the Clippers. Chris Sims of Rockford’s Anti-Racism Network agrees.

Sims says “America doesn’t have time for that type of thinking and America we are tying to move forward as a nation and he was trying to pull us back into that type of thinking and we don’t need that.”

Sterling is barred from attending NBA games or practices, or being involved in Clippers front office activates. Hawthorne agrees that Sterling should be forced to sell the team.

Hawthorne says “The attention is now taken off Donald Sterling and placed now on the playoffs, but ultimately I would like to see him out of the league. Not owning the Clippers anymore.

The Clippers are currently in the NBA playoffs playing against the Golden State Warriors.

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