Stateliners Honoring Local Injured Vets

- Stateline bikers and veterans riding for a good cause. It’s the six annual Veterans Festival hosted by The Veterans United for Veterans. They are a group organized of members of Vietnam veterans, Disabled American Vets, and Military Order of Purple Hearts & American Legion.

This year the money raised is going to help injured veterans get back on their feet.

Event organizer Albert Pacheco says “the reason why we’re doing this is we feel that veterans are neglected. They give so much of themselves; sometimes up until their lives for this country.”

Pacheco also served in Vietnam. He opened up about an incident where he was wounded. He was injured when he and two other soldiers were riding in a car that ran over a mine. The mine caused an explosion. He was the only survivor.

Pacheco says “It’s something you know we’re scarred for life with the events we went through. Nowadays people don’t realize as we speak today there’s veterans in harms way right now.”

The event featured food, dancing, and a chance to bond with other vets. Organizers say it’s a form of therapy to be able to be there for each other and talk about their similar experiences.

William Nielsen also served in Vietnam. He does not want the future veterans to come home to what they had to. He hopes to be a mentor to wounded warriors for years to come.

Nielsen says “we didn’t get the justice when we came back so we’re gonna make sure everybody gets justice when they come back.”

The event was held at Kutters Harley Davidson in Janesville Wisconsin. They hold numerous events throughout the year to help those in need. You can check their website for upcoming events.

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