Stateliners Hoping to Win Mega Millions at "Lucky" Freeport Store


Freeport-- Horizon Supermarket has sold man winning lottery tickets throughout the years. From 500 dollars to over 30 million dollars. That’s why they’re swamped with buying tickets for Tuesday’s Mega Millions jackpot.


Store owner Sharon Khoury says “this is a lucky store since the day we opened it. The minute we sold that winner we were only here two years and people hear about it.”


Scott Worley has won hundreds of dollars from lottery tickets at that store. He has no idea how the store keeps producing winners, but he’s not complaining.

Worley says “I just come in here all the time because I win and pretty much it’s a pretty good place to win at. I play it all the time and I’ve hit it pretty good.”


And with a portion of the winning lottery tickets they sell going to the store, having lady luck on your side is a good thing for Horizon Supermarket.


Khoury says “we get to expand the store, do more for the area; it helps the business owners, helps the customers. So everybody wins when you sell a winner.

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