Stateliners Hoping Ukraine Conflict Gets Solved Soon


Rockford- Tension continues to build as Russian soldiers enter Ukraine territory and Stateliners who have ties to the country are worried.


Robert Provost of the Slavic Gospel Association says “we have great concern, especially for those that are in Crimea where Russia has invaded.”


Provost says he knew this conflict would happen eventually saying “President Putin is known for stating that the greatest failure of the last century was the collapse of the Soviet Union. So he very much wants to see it recreated.”


And United Nations officials say the fact Russia is using military force could isolate Russia from the rest of the west.


U.S Ambassador to the U.N Samantha Powers says “when military intervention in the face of a crisis like this is the first resort. It is hard to avoid concluding that Russia does not want peace, and does not want a diplomatic solution. Why choose military action when the consequences could be devastating.”


Provost is worried about the safety of his loved ones, but knows the situation is out of his hands. He says he is putting his trust in God. Provost plans to return to Ukraine in July.

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