Stateliners Not Waiting for City to Clear Their Drains


Rockford- Residents got out their shovels and took matters into their own hands. They were not going to wait for the city to clear out their drains.


Linda Loria says “we decided that we were going to do something to help ourselves because our driveways get filled with water. They freeze, and it’s a mess.”


With Thursday’s rain rapidly approaching, they want water to flow into drains and not their basements.


Lynda Remling-Berge of Rockford says “in the spring last year we did have water in the basements in this area when we had big rain. So that is a possibility especially when the ground is frozen.”


But in Machesney Park, the village is urging residents to leave the drain clearing to the professionals.


Savage says “the snow pack has narrowed a lot of the roads, so the roadway width has decreased. And with the traffic driving on the roads, if someone happens to be standing out there trying to clear snow, we don’t want them to jeopardize their safety.”



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