Stateliners of All Races Needed to Transform Rockford


Rockford- Antonio Ramirez spoke to Stateliners at a Transform Rockford meeting. He says it's important for Latinos to be involved in the movement.


Ramirez says “if our Latino families don’t come and get involved we might get left out. So I think it’s very important for our Latino families to voice their opinions as well. As you know our culture is growing locally and nationally as well.”


That’s one of the goals of Transform Rockford’s Community Visioning Session, to get Rockford residents of all age and races together to brainstorm ideas.


Rockford resident Linda Zuba says “we want to hear what everyone’s vision is. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, black or brown, we want this to be the most inclusive initiative every.”


Organizers say every voice from every neighborhood needs to be heard. It’s not just one area of Rockford they’re looking to transform.


MIKE SCHABLASKE says “hopefully as a result we can also create a better vision because we understand some of the diversities and the issues we have across the community.”


Zuba adds “unless we understand what someone has lived through, and take a small walk in their shoes, we’re not going to get it right. We got to hear what everyone’s problems are.”


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