Stateliners React to Oklahoma Tornadoes

For a second time in two weeks, a tornado rips through Oklahoma City. Local volunteer group Operation Oklahoma left for Oklahoma just hours before the tornado touched down. They witnessed some of the damage first hand.


Brad Lewis from Operation Oklahoma says "some of the stuff we've seen you know cars just mangled looks like somebody threw them across the parking lot."


The group made it to Oklahoma safe, and unloaded supplies. Those supplies are needed more then ever now. They feel honored to be able to help out.


Lewis says "best part about it was there were so many people that were donating, you know opening their wallets, you know taking money out of their own pockets, and you know to help these people out."


Local RV dealership Finnegans' RV loaned the volunteers a recreational vehicle free of charge. They say helping out was a no brainier.


Mark Finnegan of Finnegans' RV says "we happen to have a lot of business relations and even friends that live down there in the Moore Oklahoma area, so it's really near and dear to our hearts so we said absolutely."


It warms his heart to see Stateliners supporting the Sooner State.


Finnegan says "just coming from our area, it's probably just one little piece of the puzzle of recovery and you know I'm sure it's coming from all over the country, and it's great that the Stateline her can play a part in it."


His thoughts and prayer are with those in Oklahoma.

He says "we just hope the folks down there in Oklahoma get through this ok. It's incredibly tough."

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