Stateliners Relying on Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles This Winter


Beloit-Nancy Schutte came to Bryden Motors for one thing. Schutte says “well I want to know the newest things on jeeps, because I’m a jeep woman.”


She says she likes the jeeps because of their four wheel drive capabilities. After this snowy winter, she says it’s a must.


Schutte adds “unless you’re showing off, a four wheel drive will keep you on the road. But if you’re gonna play around, you’re gonna go in a ditch. We’ve seen that happen.”


Nancy is just one of many car buyers that made February a good month in sales for Chrysler. Jeeps especially saw a jump. A nearly fifty percent increase in sales. And local dealerships are reaping the results.


Norm Bittner of Bryden Motors says “March is usually our best month of the year but February was just kind of a precursor, it was huge, non-stop. People were tired of the snow and winter and came out full force.


These four-by-fours aren’t your dad’s gas guzzlers. Bittner says trucks like the Dodge Ram can get up to 25 miles per gallon on the highway.


Bittner says one reason Dodge Dart sells are declining is because it’s competing with the Dodge Avenger. He says once they stop making them in a couple months, Dart sales could go back up.


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