Stateliners Still in Shock From Double Murder Tragedy

By Alma Valenzuela |

Published 07/07 2014 06:33PM

Updated 07/08 2014 06:41PM

Inside QVSM the call center where Terrence Doddy worked it looks like business as usual but the atmosphere is anything but. (see attached video)

"It certainly was a shock," said Steve Korn, a owner at QVSM.  

Many here knew both accused killer Terrence Doddy and one of his alleged victims -- Todd Hansmeier.

"I did have the opportunity on more than a few occasions to speak to the victim Todd. He was a good guy," said Darryl Ying, Call Center Manager at QVSM.

The scene where the murder took place inside the building is blocked off and out of view. But that can't hide the emotions many still feel one week after it happened.

"We're bringing in grief counselors in case their internalizing something that they need to internalize because happy workers are good workers," said Ying. 

Meanwhile, Winnebago County prosecutors are busy preparing their case against Doddy but say how long it will take to bring Doddy to justice  is up to him.

"If he does waive extradition then he"ll  be brought back to Winnebago County into our custody. If he does not waive extradition we have to get a governor's warrant through the state of Illinois then he will be brought here," said Jenny Clifford, Assistant Deputy States Attorney.

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