Stateliners Trying to Keep Dr. King's Dream Alive in 2014


Rockford- Stateliners enjoying a musical tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the 8th annual Let Freedom Ring event. Young men of all ages singing the praises of a man who encouraged everyone to dream.


He also urged his fellow African Americans to seek higher education. Rockford mother Terrica Huntley wants just that for her children.


Huntley says “it’s important for us to realize that a lot of the sacrifices that were made by our ancestors were so that we could have a better education. A lot of our grandparents could not go to school so now that we have that opportunity and being able to go, we need to take advantage of it.”


Tim Bragg and his wife both have their master’s degrees, and encourage their son to follow their lead.


Bragg says “growing up for us we were told at that time back in the 80’s and early 90’s that maybe you could, maybe you couldn’t get a decent job with just a high school diploma. Now it seems like the minimum you need a college degree.”


That’s one reason why Governor Pat Quinn spent the King Holiday leading a diversity and inclusion higher education forum in Chicago.


Quinn says “we want to get as many graduates as we can. Not only enrolling people, but graduating people from our private and public colleges and universities.”


A message local parents are telling their kids. They want Dr. King’s dream to become a reality.

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