Stateliners Won't Have a Popular Fishing Spot This Summer

- Rockford- Tyler Hatcher walked two miles to fish in the Fordham Dam, but ComEd officials turned him and his bucket of worms away.

Hatcher says “I got all sweaty to go fishing, I been here for awhile. I like fishing in this spot, cause I like catching a lot of fish here.”

Now Hatcher will have to take his fishing rod somewhere else. The Fordham Dam Power Plant Site will be closed for cleanup until the fall. The area is owned by ComEd.

ComEd Spokesman Paul Callighan says “you can’t have people moving back and forward into the area while we’re doing the cleanup. And then there’s certain points where we’re going to be digging out the soil. And it will be unsafe to have people coming in and out there for different times.”

ComEd plans to turn the area until a recreation spot. But the vacant area that was once a power plant needs some fixing up. ComEd says they want to continue the trend of downtown developing the Forest City.

ComEd hasn’t ruled out turning this area into a parking lot. That could benefit Ingersoll when it opens as a sports complex. But as of right now, they are not sure what they want to do with the property.

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