Stephenson County Roads Damaged From Flooding

Some Stephenson County roads washed out from flooding

It's been several days since snow followed by heavy rain put several Stateline highways under water.  Now that floodwaters are finally receding, officials are finding an unusual amount of damage to those roads has been done.

Floodwaters still cover roadways in Stephenson County, and lots of them.  In some areas, you can't even tell there was a road there.

Duane Eiseman, a resident in Freeport said, "I've lived here a little over 20 years.  This is the second time since July that we've done this.  This is the worst I've had it though."

Eiseman has dealt with several floods over the years, but none like this.  This flooded roadway is his usual route for getting to work, but mother nature changed that.  Eiseman was fortunate to find a way around it, but he says others weren't so lucky.

Eiseman adds, "It's not a big deal to me, but there are businesses down here that obviously can't get to work, and it's hurting there income."

The flooding is affecting the city of Freeport as well.  In some ways, it's even worse than last summer.  

Freeport City Manager Lowell Crow said, "This is the first time we've had a washout in the area.  Some of that is coming from the fact the ground was frozen and now it's thawed out, and it's really wet with a large amount of water."

With the Pecatonica River now receding, Crow says they're getting ready to open a few roads back out to the public.  That includes Hancock Avenue, with the other roads scheduled to re-open soon.

Crow adds, "Well all the roads should be, hopefully in the next week.  I figured all the roads on the south side of Stephenson will be open by Saturday."

And that's a moment that the Freeport residents can't wait for.

Eiseman adds, "Get rid of the water, get warm, and become summer again."

Officials can't put a cost estimate on the damage to roads yet.  That will likely have to wait until floodwaters recede and they learn which roads were damaged, and which have been washed out completely.


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