STOP the Violence Movement in Beloit

- BELOIT - A Beloit family laid their 16-year-old son to rest on Friday after a deadly shooting at Summit Park last weekend makes his murder one out of the seven the city has seen since the start of this year.

Now, residents from the community are joining forces to try to end the violence.

Alicia Berger grew up in Beloit. In 2009, she lost a loved one to violence. However, this summer along with volunteers, police and firefighters she speared headed the Beloit & Midwest STOP the Violence Movement, a group that helps people share their experience, and hopefully steer them away from violence.

"I’ve seen a lot of deaths. I’ve seen a lot of crime," she says.  "I’ve seen a lot of sadness. I lost a loved one to the violence. My spirit just told me for some reason I can't sit down and watch things happen anymore; I had to stand-up and do something."

Many victims of the recent outbreak of violence in the city have been people in their teens and early twenties.  Berger hopes as more groups and churches join the movement, fewer young people will end up on the streets.

On August 13th at Summit Park there will be an event geared towards helping youth in the community. The event will take place from 2-6pm. There will also be a free concert, free food, refreshments, and activities for the kids.

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