Summer Programs in The Stateline

"It's a program that you see the kids come back summer after summer which speaks volume," said Rockford Park District Recreation Coordinator Nikki Lynch.

A free program by the Rockford Park District, Time-2-Play is sure to keep your child busy with hands on activities this summer-- it's supervised fun on the playground.

Time 2 Play is offered at ten different sites throughout Rockford; including Beattie Playground, Harmon Park, Ridge Park, and Fairgrounds Park.

"It gives parents maybe that little extra break of I know I have to pay for things with school or I may have to pay for sports, but here's an opportunity to have a safe place for your child to go to for free," said Lynch.

Also offering a program for children during the summer months is the Booker Washington Center. With a jammed pack schedule from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., kids will get a chance to work out their brain power through educational activities.

The program is going to cost parents $35 dollars per child each week.

"We will work with those parents that are under economic conditions or if they're been laid off on the job and they're trying to find work. It's not fair to penalize those parents so we want to work with all parents," said Robert King.
The center's board president Robert King hopes that by keeping children busy and learning during the summer months that parents can get a chance to focus on other needs.

"So that we can now encourage parents to go out and look for work can go out and kinda keep cohesive within the family, and so I think this is why we're taking it very seriously especially during this time right now," said King.

Head to Rockford Park District's website for more program enrollment information or go to Booker Washington Center's website for information on the center's summer programs.

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