Tale of Two Protests: Rauner Greeted by Unhappy Stateliners

- ROCKFORD -- Republican candidate for Governor Bruce Rauner makes a campaign stop in Rockford, but not everyone was glad to see him.

A tale of two protests: one focused on policies, the other on abortion, both catching republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner in the cross hairs.

"Bruce Rauner, who's running for governor, is pro-abortion," Kevin Rilott, Rockford Pro-Life Initiative.

"His pay-to-play politics are not welcome here in Rockford," Edward Sadlowski, AFSCME representative.

Both statements the republican says simply aren't true.

"They're just desperate to throw mud on me anyway they can," said Bruce Rauner, republican candidate for governor.

But Rockford pro-life initiative members say it's not like that. They say they're out to protect the voiceless from someone they call pro-abortion for supporting Planned Parenthood.

A claim Rauner dismisses.

"I don't think that's accurate," said Rauner. "I do not have a social agenda. I have an education and economic agenda."

And that's where these union members take up issue with the republican. They say the billionaire is out of touch with the working class.

"The policies will continue to perpetuate the income disparity that exists in our society," said Edward Sadlowski, AFSCME representative.

Even though Rauner says he has a plan to bolster the state's economy once again.

"Taxes aren't the answer," Rauner said. "We need economic growth to solve our problems so our working families can get higher wages and higher incomes."

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