Target Data Breach Hits Stateline Shoppers

ROCKFORD- Sarah Krieg went shopping at Target to buy Christmas gifts for her kids. She didn't know weeks later she'd be the victim of identity fraud.

"I balled. I was devastated because that's everything that I had," said Target Data Breach Victim Sarah Krieg.

Her MasterCard Debit account was drained of hundreds of dollars just days ago. 

"I had saved up some money and I was, I had just run short of what I was purchasing because I was paying in cash. And that's when I swiped my debit card," said Krieg.

Target released that more than 70 million Americans could be in Krieg’s shoes. Not only do hackers have debit and credit card information but they've gotten their hands on email, mailing addresses and names.

"You can expect that you might begin to see in your inboxes emails from people reporting to be from target," said Rockford Better Business Bureau Director Dennis Horton.

Horton says shoppers need to watch out for identity theft. He advises calling bank and debit card companies directly and not clicking on links in those fraudulent emails.

"It isn't if another breach happens, when another breach happens because certainly it's going to," warned Horton.

Target is offering victims one year of credit monitoring and identity theft protection. But Krieg says it's not enough that she won't ever get that feeling of security back.

"What I’m going to do is just take everything out and use cash. I’m just not going to use it, it's just not trustworthy," said Krieg.

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