Taxpayer Money Goes Towards Illinois Lawmakers' Tablets

- SPRINGFIELD - Illinois lawmakers aren't using pen and paper to do the state's business.

They've got new tablets to help them do their job. The tablets will allow legislators easy access to bills and amendments but they come with a price.

At just over $400 a piece, they spent about $37,000 for 90 new tablets. All that money coming from taxpayer's pockets.

While state officials say the tablets will help with saving money in the long run, some taxpayers feel the up front money could have been better spent.

"Kids that need the help aren't getting the help because there's no money, but then you hear about incidents like these where 403 dollars are spent on tablets," says Philip Harris, a former educator.

The tablets were purchased with money from the state's general revenue fund. House lawmakers started using them earlier this year.

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