Teen Who Rapped About Killing Harvard High School Students Enters Plea

- UPDATE (2/20/14): Pilz pled not guilty Thursday morning during his arraignment hearing.  He's due back in court April 3.

HARVARD- A 19 year old man from Crystal Lake was arrested on Friday after he threatened to kill multiple students at Harvard high school.

Trevor Pilz posted a rap video to his Facebook page threatening the lives of students at Harvard high school. His threats were not taken lightly and he was taken to jail on Friday for disorderly conduct.

Harvard police arrest 19 year old Trevor Pilz after he posts a link to rap lyrics where he talks about his plan to kill off 20 Harvard high school students.

Pilz started off his rap with the following lyrics

"I'll take 20 kid from Harvard high and stand them all in line and take a revolver and start shooting."

Pilz did not say the names of the students he is allegedly planning to target, leaving many parents and students from District 50 on edge.

“My daughter gets really scared and she asked me mom what are they going to do?”

Parents said that they want to protect their children.

“I told her all I can do is try and protect you, and the people at school can try to protect you."

Bill Clow from District 250 says the schools try their best to keep parents and students aware of problems.

“Communication is always very important so we try to communicate in the appropriate manner depending on the situation."

Some parents say that they have still not heard from District 50 schools about the threat.

“I called the school and they said they had not heard any word of it."

Clow could not share much information about Pilz social media attack but says the Harvard police department is handling the situation.

“I can not tell you anything specific about the situation, but I can tell you generically when we have situations we tend to turn them over to the police department."

Although Trevor Pilz has moved out of Harvard and to Crystal Lake, his rap was a reminder to Harvard high students that he is not far away.
“You better be ready because I’m coming home to Harvard real soon.

Pilz is still at McHenry county jail. He will be back in court February 20th.

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