Text-A-Tip App Fights Crime in the Stateline


WINNEBBAGO- Winnebago county officials say they are keeping up with modern times and the Tex-A-Tip program is proof of that. After receiving up to one thousand tips since the program first launched in July, officials believe this technology is effective.

The TIP WCSO App has been able to point law enforcement officers into to the right direction when it comes to narcotic cases.

"A lot of the tips have been drug related; people providing information anonymously about drugs. We recovered hundreds of pounds of marijuana base on tips we have receive," said Dominic Iasparro, Deputy Chief of the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office.

The response time after receiving the information varies depending on the urgency of the matter, but emergency personnel first reviews everything.

"The initial text goes to the 911 center supervisor...if there is something that comes in that's significant that needs to be acted upon right at that time, that information gets to the appropriate unit or level within the department to act upon it," said Iasparro.

Officials want residents to know that the idea is not to replace one way of communications with another, but enhance the ways people can reach them so more crimes are solve.

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