The 16th Annual Half Pint Library Book Drive

- For the first time in Rockford, Half Price Books is giving their books away.  It's part of the bookstore chain's 16th Annual Half Pint Library Book Drive. It's something Lori Holden thinks is a great idea. She's the School Librarian for Center Elementary School in Freeport, Illinois.

"I was really excited. We have a lot of low income kids. So, we're going to give them away to the children. So, I was really excited to hear about it," Lori states.
People like Lori are just who Half Price Books staffers are looking to help.

"Well personally, and as a company, it's part of our mission statement to encourage literacy. "I grew up. I always loved reading. I still love reading now. So, to be able to pass that on to a younger generation is real important," adds Neal Porter, the Rockford store's manager.

Promoting literacy is equally important to Lori, "The more they read, the more they learn...the better they get at reading."

Here in Rockford, Half Price Books gave away 5,000 books. Nationally, the company plans to give away 320,000 books, all in an effort to promote literacy.

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