There's Nothing Better Than Being a Farmer

Farmers showcase their prized livestock at the Stephenson County Fair. It's not an easy job. (see attached video)

"I milk cows and then I'm in the skid loader a lot scrapping cow poop," said Bria Koester, a farmer in Dakota, Illinois. 

But many young farmers like Bria Koester say they love being farmers .

"I hope to do it for the rest of my life really," said Koester.

"Being a farmer is one of the best occupations anybody could choose because there's no better feeling than providing the world with all its essential needs," said Kelsi Steffenhagen, a farmer in Winnebago. 

For years there have been concerns of a shortage of future farmers as young people from farm families left for other professions. But what may be helping set the trend for this younger generation to continue in farming is a little green.

"You're getting paid more for what you do and a fews years ago you weren't.  You were working your butt off and not getting much in return," said Darcy Steffes, a farmer in Elizabeth, IL.

Farming teaches you a lot of life lessons. It teaches you hard work and it teaches you to raise animals," said Carley Rote, a farmer in Orangeville, IL. 

And, if the summer weather continues to cooperate this may be a good year for farmers and consumers alike.

"If we're having a good year and we can make more milk you're probably going to see a decrease in your milk at the store because there is so much of it you're not going to have to pay as much for it," said Steffes.

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