BMX Competition Hosts Visitors from the US, Canada and Mexico.

ROCKFORD - Bikers of all ages showed their talent and speed on the racetrack. Over 1,000 bikers coming from all parts of the country and even from Mexico and Canada to participate in the 32nd BMX Midwest Nationals Competition.

Tyler Phillips, a competitor, says he looks forward to the end result of the races and his favorite part about the weekend competition.

Hundreds filled the stands and lined up against fences, to get a close view of the bikers racing to be the best   Jake Karau, Track Manager of the event says the competition showcases the talent in the competitors, males and females of all ages

"It's great for our kids to be able to entertain a national type competition on a local level," said Karau.

He also says the event was made possible by the vast support that they receive from the community.

"It's definitely a community event," said Karau. "It wouldn't happen if we didn't have the support of Rockford and the surrounding area because of all they things they go into."

Among the thousands of racers, some even at the tender age of 5, already dreaming of biking aspirations. Zed Koch, a biker says he has a plan for his future.

"I think I might want to get a college scholarship for BMX," said Koch. "You can get that from some colleges around here. I think I want to do that."

Others, like Zynisa Stewart, might need to be a little sneakier about the sport.

"We asked my dad if we could try it and he said yeah, just don't tell your mom," said Stewart.

As the sport continues to grow, some long time bikers, like Barney Goodwin, says cycling and competing is all about dedication and commitment.

"It's a great sport I think every kid should do it. It instills a love a cycling for the rest of their lives," said Goodwin. "Honestly, BMX is a sport that will get in your blood and it will never leave. You'll be a BMX racer your entire life."

The event planned to generate over $250,000 dollars for local businesses and vendors. The final round of the competition  is on Sunday, June 18th.

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