Ticked Off Tuesday: Digging Deeper into Biking Issues

Todd Tifft rode his bike as part of last week's National Bike to Work week, but it his trip didn't go as well as he'd hoped.

"I had the experience where I wasn't being given the room maybe I should be given and I just kinda felt that that was something to talk about,"said Tifft. "It's unfortunate a lot of places locally are not bike friendly."

A problem Belvidere Mayor Fred Brereton says isn't easy to fix.

"Belvidere, Boone County, Rockford and Winnebago County all recognize the value of providing access for pedestrians and bicycles that's the good news," said Brereton, "the bad side is that there is not funding for construction of bike paths right now."

Funding is also unavailable for safety measures like bike lanes.

"It's not inexpensive, it's more than just putting down a painted stripe on a street," Brereton said.

Brereton says the idea of bike lanes has come up in City Council before, but most state funding goes to recreational bike paths, which is something Belvidere utilizes with it's expanding Greenways bike trail. the mayor also encourages bicyclists to ride on sidewalks.

Tifft offers up his own advice. "People on bikes, just give them a little space and be a little bit more patient."
's not that it isn't recognized, it's just a matter of where do you spend your dollars."

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