Tile Unveiling at Thurgood Marshall

- ROCKFORD - Stateline students and staff come together to create a 2,200 mosaic mural.

Students and teachers pack Thurgood Marshall School too show off their hard work- from the past year. "We worked for a year and a half to create our Ocenia Mural and now we get to celebrate it with the community" says Thurgood principal Jill Faber.

"At the end of the day, this mural represents a group of people, a community, who could all dream the same dream" said Artist Drew Helge.

But these kids aren't just putting clay together, they're learning new qualities that will help them better themselves.

"These are life skills, that aren't necessary about clay. They learned new team work, they learned how to talk to each other" says Helge.

Their lesson now forever on display for all to see- in the foyer at Thurgood Marshall School.

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