Toilets Are Not a Trashcan!

- Officials in Beloit Wisconsin say their pumps are being clogged because people are flushing their “disposable” or “flushable wipes” down the toilet.

City of Beloit Director of Water Resources Harry Mathos explains that “flushable wipes are typically used for additional cleaning after using the bathroom. For facial cleaning, for your children, or for any sort of additional cleaning you made need to do.”

According to Mathos, it’s costing the city big time. Just to repair one of these pumps cost thirty five hundred dollars. There are more then ten pumps in the city of Beloit. Do the math, and that could add up to more than forty thousand dollars just to keep these pumps working.

Mathos says “any money that’s directed away from the capital improvement projects, such as this, is less money that we can use to improve our infrastructure and maintain a sustainable utility.”

Officials say disposable wipes are best put in the garbage can. Mathos says this can be a huge problem for home owners as well. The clogging of toilets could lead to plumbers coming out. A trip from a plumber could cost up to six hundred dollars.

Mathos says “the only things that you should flush is human waste and toilet paper. Not only for our protection, but for you own protection.”

This is not just an issue in the Stateline, its nation wide. California, Maine, and New Jersey have all proposed legislation on flushing disposable wipes.

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