Tornadoes, Undetected by Radar in Freeport, Caught on Camera

Residents unaware of twisters, until it was blowing through their backyard

FREEPORT - A tornado in Freeport went undetected by radar on Wednesday afternoon, but was caught on camera, which left most residents unaware of it, until it was too late.  The Freeport resident who recorded the twister said there was absolutely nothing that hinted that a tornado was brewing.

"There was a break in the rain and I thought, I better come out and check our downspouts and gutters," said Blake Klosa, the Freeport resident who caught the tornado on video. "My wife met me in our backyard with a towel, so I wouldn't track everything back in. She spotted. . . I mean, it looked like a solid tornado."

The windstorm appeared right behind the Klosa's Freeport home without any warning.  Klosa says there wasn't a slight breeze or a strike of lighting that could have alerted them to what was coming.

"The clouds looked like what they would form what looked like a tornado," said Klosa. "Then they would kind of thin out, then come back there was a couple of moments where they were really solid."

The Klosa's recording the twister with their phone were unsure of where the apparent windstorm was headed.They then grew concerned for safety of others in the area.

"We were very concerned of whoever may be near there," said Klosa.  "My wife was like 'you know, I'm really worried about where it's going next.'"

Where it went next was through several yards down Lilly Creek Road.  Witnesses described the sound as a loud 'roar' while uprooting trees and snapping them into pieces.  The winds leveled anything that stood in its way.  

Neighbors spent most of the day helping each other to clean up the mess the twister left behind.

The Weather Service surveyed the affected area and confirmed two tornadoes.  One was categorized as an EF-0, the other an EF-1.

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