Touching Tribute: Memorial Service Honors Local Homicide Victims

- ROCKFORD -- Six people in Rockford alone have died due to violent crime in these first few months of  2014. That's triple the amount compared to this time last year. Wednesday, the community came together to honor the victims of homicide, past and present, at the ninth annual Carol McFeggan memorial service.

Tissues clenched tight, tears overflowing; there wasn't a dry eye in sight as family members of murder victims remember their loved ones.

"No parent, no parent needs to feel this," said Donald Wright. His son is Brandon Wright, killed at 23 years old.

"He was shot in the head on Linden road and Perryville while driving his car," said Wright. "Mistaken identity."

Now he's gone, just like all these other faces including the ceremony's namesake, Carol McFeggan. She was a secretary at Auburn High School.

"Carol was a breath of fresh air in a busy chaotic high school," said Patty Powers, a friend of McFeggan's.

Mcfeggen was the victim of deadly domestic violence back in 2009.  A candle is lit in her memory Wednesday night only weeks after a Freeport woman was allegedly shot and killed by her boyfriend. It all highlights the growing issue of domestic violence in the stateline.

"Winnebago county has always had a domestic problem the thing is, everything is becoming more violent," said Barb Stone, a founder of the Homicide Survivor's Support Group. "Our violence is out of control."

A sad fact for families light the Wright who now say goodbye with soaring balloons. Gone, but not forgotten.

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