Toxic Charity Is Sold Out

- You will find thousands of books at Cherry Valley’s Barnes and Noble store, but there is one you won’t find on the shelves. It’s entitled Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton. On Monday night, Eyewitness News did an exclusive report on it. Just one day later, the book was sold out. 

"We did run out of it. So, we put a rush order in so that we could get some more in by the end of the week," adds Kristi Iversen, Digital Sales Lead for Barnes & Noble at Cherryvale Mall.

It’s a book Eyewitness News examined after Woodward CEO, Tom Gendron, put it on the Transform Rockford reading list. Toxic Charity examines how churches and charities hurt the people they are trying to help through what Lupton calls, “One Way Giving.”

"Paul Logli introduced it to me," Gendron recalls.

It’s a book the President and CEO of the United Way of Rock River Valley, Paul Logli,  strongly recommends for people who want to change the direction of our community, “If we hope to Transform Rockford, we have to do it by development and capacity building, not by charity that continues the dependency or the expectations."

While that may seem like odd advice coming from the President of the local chapter of the United Way, Logli says the charity must measure success not by how many people they help, but by how many they teach to help themselves, "We understand that there are times when giving somebody clothing, and food, and shelter, is the only response you can have after an emergency or a disaster. But, beyond emergencies and disasters, we won't measure our success by how many people come to the food pantry."

In the meantime, Barnes & Noble is ordering more copies—surprised by the surge in demand.

“We didn't know how popular it is because a lot of times a book is local or somebody recommends it, we don't hear about it until all of the sudden we get a flood of phone calls," Iversen states.

Iversen says the book will be back on the shelves at Barnes & Noble on Friday, You may want to get yours then because they’ve been getting a lot of calls asking about it.

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