Transform Rockford Meets Again

-  Rockford- The second of many Transform Rockford meetings was held Saturday afternoon. Woodward CEO Tom Gendron and city leaders spoke to a packed auditorium.

Gendron says “there’s no lack of interest, passion, or desire to improve. So we just gotta channel everybody’s energy, listen to everybody in the community, get the collective knowledge of everybody, and then put that into the strategies.”


Gendron says they received a lot of feedback regarding the first Transform Rockford meeting. They say they are making changes. Starting with shared values.

Gendron says “it’s really talking about how you’re gonna interact. How you’re gonna work together and that you have some principles in interactions with each other. And you do it on a values basis. Great organizations, great businesses are built off of shared values.”


Gendron echoed the word that’s been used during this whole process…accountability.


Gendron says “we hold each other accountable to work under the shared values in a collaborative approach. And by doing that, I feel we have a real powerful opportunity to make change.”


The next meeting is scheduled for January 13th at noon at Orton Keyes. More information is on their website at

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