Transform Rockford Reaches Out To Stateliners


ROCKFORD- Transform Rockford met with Stateline residents today to come up with one solid vision to change the city.

Transform Rockford continues along the long but steady path to develop the vision of a better city.

With only about a month left in the process the team hopes to reach out to as many locals as possible.

The transform team has many volunteers, directors and meetings BUT most importantly they have a plan. They are searching for one unified vision that the group then turns into a strategy that they are hoping will transform the city of Rockford to a place where people want to live.

Andrew Reynolds said that each visioning process had been different and exciting.

“Every place has surprised us with the people who show up. I think people are just crying out for more places for them to come and be a part of these sessions.”

Even high school students taking a day off from weekend relaxation to meet with the transformation team and share their ideas.

Naomi Johnson said that she is ready to see her hometown flourish.

“Hopefully it will change from now and be better. I hope when I move back to the city it will have less violence and pollution.”

One of the ultimate goals is to encourage people to stick around Rockford instead of packing up and moving away from its problems.

Ellyn Ahmer, a team member and volunteer at the local visioning sessions says that no city starts off at the top.

“We have challenges here, and that is kind of how all of this started.”

Ahmer explained to stateliners that she moved away from Rockford in the past but thinks that all her hometown needs to change for the better is a little bit of TLC. \

“Change  of heart, change of heart and mind. We can make a difference by caring about each other.

The last of the groups visioning sessions will be next month.

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