Transform Rockford Targets Generations X and Y

ROCKFORD- My transformed region is, has, will, and looks like; boards line the room at the latest Transform Rockford meeting geared towards Generation X and Y.

"Personally I feel like that is the group that is going to drive Rockford forward. And in 15, 20 years when Transform Rockford is successful and we see that change. It’ll be our generations that are driving that change and sustaining that change," said Transform Rockford Volunteer Sarah Heidemann.

And that attitude might already be paying off. Rockford University Sports Marketing Student Daryl Tate plans on looking for work in Rockford post-graduation and living here.

"There’s a lot of potential here. You can see a lot of things, a lot of working environments for people’s majors here guaranteeing a job coming out of this school," said Tate. 

That’s exactly the future and spirit Transform Rockford organizers hoped to tap into here at Prairie Street Brew House.

Organizers say they're expecting more than 100 young professionals at this visioning session, There's only a few of the sessions left to brainstorm, then Transform Rockford will use the data and ideas to put a concrete strategy into place for real social and economic change. 

"Then we put our heads together and figure out what are the strategic plans to get there. And ultimately the work plans to make that happen," said Transform Rockford Volunteer Scott Anderson

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