Travel Writers Giving Rockford A Good Review


ROCKFORD--Busloads of writers from all over the country are touring the Forest City.

"We went on an adventure tour through Rockford," Chuck Miller said while covering the Stateline as "The Traveling Guy."

Hundreds of writers in day two of the Travel Media Showcase had fun and learned about the area.

"I learned a lot of interesting things about Rockford," said Lesley Sauls, a freelance traveling writer most notably working with the San Diego Union-Tribune. "I learned why Rockford is named Rockford."

With so much on the schedule, that seemed to be the biggest shock to the system.

"The biggest surprise is how much there is to do," Sauls said.

Whether it was a history or museum tour or kayaking down the Rock River, the writers were wined and dined and continued to tell each other stories into the night with a dinner celebration at Anderson Gardens.

Sauls, a former airline pilot, says she's keeps a few things in mind when evaluating a town like Rockford.

"I'm looing for the people. I'm looking for the connection and I'm looking for why people are here," Sauls said. "What draws them here. What keeps them here."

"When I write my article, it'll be about golf," said Miller, who just finished up a 50-week, 50-state golf tour and plans to play Aldeen Golf Course this weekend. "But also about the area. What you can see, what you can do and from what I'm gathering, there's plenty to do here."

The reviews are good so far for Miller, Sauls and the others.

"I've been very impressed by it."

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