Treasurer Warns Stateliners About Paying for 'I-Cash'

ROCKFORD - Tuesday's I-Cash Telethon was a tremendous success. Phones ringing non-stop --Nearly one-thousand Stateliners found cash and property from our live event with State Treasurer Dan Rutherford.

But we discovered many who tried to access the Treasurer's website may have made a costly mistake.  Instead of typing in, they may have used the wrong suffix or a search engine that took them to another site.  Those are the websites of resellers who try to charge you for information you can get for free, and that left many confused.

Melissa asked on our Facebook page "Why do u have to pay to see it?  Diane added "They wanted me to pay also"

Treasurer Dan Rutherford says they accessed the wrong website.  "There are other outside entities; private companies that are basically doing this on a commission or brokerage fee.  And that's why we want people to make sure that they go to the Treasurer's official website , which is a '' domain. 

... to be exact. 
There, you'll see the Treasurer's face  and a direct link to the I-cash website, and using it won't cost you a dime.

Rutherford says "We just try to do what we can to make sure people are aware of it.  that's the most important thing."

Those other websites are not scams, but if you use them, they will charge you for the service.

To read more on how you can find out if the state has money or property which belongs to you, click on the link below:

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