Two Rockford Men Arrested for Impersonating Police

ROCKFORD- A marked police car is what Talena Morefield thought was pulling her over. Instead she had a gut feeling something was wrong.

"I noticed them following me so closely. I saw in their window on each side, driver side and passenger side, that there were red and blue lights flashing," said Morefield.

Morefield didn't stop. She drove at a normal speed to a gas station and dialed 911.

Lawrence Jackson Junior, 22, and Earl Jones, 28, are charged with impersonation of a police officer and other crimes.    

"It’s a sigh of relief that they can't do this to somebody else," said Morefield.

According to Winnebago County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro she took the right steps.

"Don’t stop, but drive to a location that's occupied by people; an open business a fire station," said Iasparro.

He says unmarked police cars will have features like a spotlight and standard lighting inside.

"If they’re plain clothes police officers they're going to have to identify themselves. They’re going to have to show you a badge, their identifications. It’s going to be rare however that you're stopped by an unmarked vehicle," said Iasparro.

Iasparro explains if you have any doubts act on your gut feeling.

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