Two Under Arrest For Allegedly Stealing Money From A Video Poker Machine


ROCKFORD - Alleged thieves may have figured it's easier to steal the money, rather than win it.

Ismael Padin, 28, and Steve Mort, 41, are both charged with burglary and possession of burglary tools.  Padin faces an additional charge of resisting a police officer.

The incident happened Sunday just before 2am at Molly's Deli at 7451 E. State Street.  Police say a tamper alarm went off at one of the slot machines.

As officers arrived to investigate, the two men ran out the back door.  As they were running, police say they threw away a flashlight, hatchet, chisel, and a crowbar.

After a short chase, police apprehended both men.  One of them had a large amount of cash on him.

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