Undercover Rockford Police Operation Nets Eight Arrests


ROCKFORD - Eight people are under arrest on prostitution and drug charges.

It happened Sunday.  Rockford Police conducted a Crimes Detail within District 2, which is the Pilot Police District.  Officers worked undercover with a focus on street level nuisance crimes.

As a result, eight people were arrested:
Jennifer Brown, 33: Prostitution
Tara Short, 37: Prostitution
Sheila Foerster, 46: Violation of the Controlled Substance Act
Cuauhtemoc Cortes-Perez, 22: Soliciting a Prostitute, Fake/Altered ID Card, and Obstructing Justice
Ronald Aumann, 46: Soliciting a Prostitute
Willjohn Rynes, 39: Soliciting a Prostitute
Douglas Werle, 50: Soliciting a Prostitute
Dominique Richardson: Soliciting a Prostitute

Five vehicles were also impounded by police.

Only Cortes-Perez's mug shot is available because he's the only one who was booked due to his other charges.

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