UPDATE: Crose Sentenced to 6 Months in Prison


UPDATE (3/27/14): Crose was sentenced to six months in prison today.

UPDATE (2/11/14): The verdicts are in for a man accused of accidentally killing his wife and stepson.  After eight more of deliberations, a jury found Anthony Crose not guilty of vehicular manslaughter.  Crose was, however, found guilty of aggravated reckless driving.  Prosecutors say Crose had been driving on U.S. 20 going at least 120mph.  Crose is expected back in court Wednesday to set a date for his sentencing hearing.

UPDATE (2/6/14): The defense for Anthony Crose makes its case for his innocence.  Crose's lawyer called to the stand Henry Vega, a vehicle accident reconstruction expert from Semke Forensics.

Vega testified that the original accident investigator's results may have been wrong.  Vega claims data used by Winn. Co. Sheriff's Deputy Mike Pearson's investigation were incomplete.  He says Pearson didn't collect all the information he needed on the day of the accident, thus making the conclusion that Crose was traveling at 124mph incorrect.

The trial will continue for a fourth day on Friday.

Rockford - Winnebago County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Pearson shows photos of the deadly Christmas Eve crash that killed Anthony Crose’s wife and daughter. A reconstruction report shows Crose may have been going 124 miles per hour down bypass 20 at the time of the accident.

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