UPDATE: Janesville Police May Have Caught A Break In Fatal Hit and Run Investigation

- UPDATE (4/22/14): Investigators one step closer to finding out who may have been behind Sunday's deadly hit and run.  The Rock County Sheriff's Office believe the suspect vehicle is a 2004 - 2007 Infinity QX56.

JANESVILLE - Rock County Sheriff's deputies search for a driver who fled after hitting and killing two men on motorcycles. And a broken fog lamp could be the key to finding the killer. Investigators are now asking for the public's help to find the driver who hit and killed two bikers and then sped away.

I just saw him on Friday walking around, and then today I hear this, and now he is just gone said Brad Belken, a friend of Mitchell Vance.

24 year old Mitchell Vance was doing what he loved, riding his motorcycle around Janesville Sunday night when he and 18 year old Devin Julius were struck and killed by an SUV

Captain Todd Christiansen, of the Rock County Sheriffs Office said “The motorcycles were apparently heading west negotiating that curve when another vehicle heading in the opposite direction crossed the center line and crashed into 2 of the cyclists.   The Rock County Sheriff’s office surveyed the scene and found a key piece of the suspect’s vehicle. “We just found out that it belongs to a 2001or 2003 model of an Infiniti QX4 SUV vehicle

Vance and Julius were among five others riding Sunday night, but since the event happened so fast, the other riders were not able to get a description of the vehicle. “I don’t know what the cyclists saw, they obviously did not see it in time to take evasive action; however, it is harder to take evasive action on a cycle.” Said Captain Christiansen

Motorcycle experts from the Janesville area say that it is very important to watch your surroundings out on the roads, especially in areas like where the accident occurred on U.S. 14 and Old Hume Road which has a large curve on the highway, so it is important to slow down.

Janesville police officer Chad Woodman is also a motorcycle safety instructor at cutters Harley Davidson said “With any type of curve, if a driver or a motorcycle is not paying attention, just crossing the center line can cause problems.”

Friends of the victims now hope for justice.  “Want the guy to get caught and some resolution to come out of all of this, but I don’t know, right now just remember him as he was”

Once again if you have any information that could help out the police with this fatal crash contact the rock county sheriff’s office or the Janesville police department, and remember to slow down and stay aware on the roads.

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