UPDATE: Memorial Fund Established For Drowning Victim


UPDATE (6/17/14): A memorial fund has been established for Liam Vaughn.  So far, $6,630 has been donated.  The organizer of the fundraiser, Robin Neblock-Johnson, has set a goal of $10,000.

ROCKFORD - Three separate drowning over the weekend claim the lives of four kids, one of them a three-year old from Rockford. Eyewitness news has more on the rising dangers of drowning, and what you should do to keep your kids safe this summer.

As the weather gets warmer, and kids gear up for summer drowning deaths are common. With just seconds to get the victim to safety, it is important to practice water safety.

Summertime has hit the Stateline, and with hundreds of kids jumping in the water at local pools, there is always a chance that someone may drown. Zack McIntyre, The Director of Aquatics for the Rockford Park District said you can never be too safe while in the water. "Drowning can be of various types, and really, come out of nowhere."

Just this past weekend, three separate drowning claimed the lives of four kids, one of them, 3-year old Liam Vaughn from Rockford.

Police say he was at a relative's pool and jumped in without his “floaties”, and dozens of news articles detail the deaths of two brothers from gray, Indiana. They drowned Saturday in a pond and just hours later a boy in Saint Charles drowned at the royal fox country club, and summer just started.

McIntyre said “The drowning process just takes over 30 seconds before the guests can start to become unconscious. That’s why with our lifeguards, we are trained to see and respond within ten seconds and we are able to reach them in under 20 seconds."

At the Dolphin Swim School, they teach children as young as four months old the basics before they venture out to the pool. Aquatic Instructor, Kaelean Brunow said preperation is key. "Sometimes the average person does not realize the safety aspect behind swimming, and that is what we do here at dolphin.  We try to prevent through swim lessons and try to educate our families."

And McIntyre said that the Park District recommends having a supervisor at all times. “When it comes to water safety, we always need to remember that whenever you are at a pool, park or river, you need to have someone who is a water watcher who can call if help is needed."




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