UPDATE: Missing Teen Found, In Jail

- UPDATE (3/3/14): Bohanan was taken into custody Feb. 20 for misdemeanor charges of contempt of court and probation violation."I am upset that i didnt get notified right away."

Antoinette Bohanan is searching frantically for her 19-year-old daughter, Mary Bohanan. The mother said she went missing seven days ago while on a field trip to CherryVale Mall. Bohanan says her daughter suffers from bipolar disorder and PTSD. And, the center where she receives treatment, The Rock River Academy and Residential Center didn't notify her, her daughter was gone for three days.

"I would like to go out and have the chance to go out and look for her. If they would have called the police right on the scene. The police had workers right at that area where they could have started looking for her," said Bohanan.

To make matters worse, Bohanan said Mary won't be able to defend herself.

"She doesn't know any danger perception."

Bohanan says this is the fourth time her daughter has gone missing under Rock River's care. And that the state doesn't do enough to protect kids like her daughter from putting themselves in danger.

"The school system, DCFS and now Rock River Valley, the government system, the mental health system, there's not much help for. Illinois needs to step up their mental health system for these situations," said Bohanan.

We tried to contacting Rock River Academy several times to get their side of the story, but they never responded. Mary Bohanan was last seen wearing a tan colored coat and black pants. If you have any information on her whereabouts, you're urged to call police.

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